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Why First Baptist?

There are a lot of churches out there so a fair question many ask is . . . why FBC? The best way to answer is by asking those currently involved at First Baptist:


Sandra Moya

When I began coming to FBC as a child I never could have imagined how my life would be forever changed.

The people and families from FBC have become such an integral part of my life and they helped me become

the person I am today. This church isn't just a building where we give praises to our King. It's a community,

a family of believers who supports each other spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes even financially. Life

hasn't always been easy for me, in fact some times it seemed unbearable. The refuge that I have found

within these walls is something that I can't put into words and still do it justice. I thank God for sending me

here to FBC and know that God is still working on me and my family, so stay tuned!

Guenther Ohler

Jane and I joined the church for the following reasons:  My daughter went to Vacation Bible School at FBC

with her kids and suggested we try this church because we were not going to a church at that time. When

we first set foot in the church we found the people to be exceptionally friendly and welcoming to the point

where we felt like we had been going there for a long time.


We also liked the contemporary worship music. And the pastor’s message was right on target for what we



Heather Borges

We joined FBC last year and have found it to be such a kind caring and welcoming environment. Sunday

school classes taught by amazing teachers and a beautiful nursery are my 4 year olds favorite part. I look

forward to watching their lives grow and change at FBC. 

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