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Weekly Devotional - Sarah Sanford

Arms of Protection 

 You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.  (Psalm 139:5).

Luna is her name, pug is her breed and she has stolen our hearts. This 11-pound puppy requires a lot of care and attention. When I take her outside, I enjoy watching her discover the big world and often wonder what it looks like from such a small vantage point.  On our walks I struggle with moving her away from the bees she wants to chase, the clover she loves to eat, and the dirt she just must dig in.  Recently, as I was pulling on her leash to distract her from these behaviors, I began to think of God and how He must view my life and my actions.  Like my protection of the puppy, God wants to do the same for you and me.  As we head to those areas that could be dangerous, He speaks to our hearts to get us back on track. He shields us from harm by surrounding us with His love and guidance.  Throughout this Psalm, King David is reflecting on the God who knows our every thought. As this omnipotent God is watching us walk through life,  He is waiting to rejoice in our triumphs and carry us through the valleys. As we meander through these paths, may we be ever mindful of His tug of love and rest in the assurance that we are His blessed children.  Heavenly Father, in the trials of life, may our hearts stay focused on you and your love.  May we rest in your protection and find comfort in your loving arms.  Amen.  

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