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Update from Pastor Steve

Dear Church Family, I’m sure every church member and church attendee is as concerned about the Coronavirus as I am and it’s effects on our lives, families, friends, and FBC Wallingford. I wanted to keep you updated and what church leadership has been doing over the last several days and what may occur over the next few weeks. The church will be adapting with the latest information, things can change drastically from day to day. As government directives continue to issue new requests and guidelines, we will need to respond accordingly. The ministry Leadership Team will communicate often this week and issue updates as needed through church emails, church website, and phone calls if necessary. For the remaining month of March 2020: *All weekly church activities that occur during a normal week within the church facilities have been cancelled. *All Sunday school classes have been cancelled. *Additional cleaning procedures are in place within the church facilities to help control spreading of the virus. *Caution given to practice “social distancing” and awareness to hygiene care. And with recent guidelines from the CDC, to avoid groups of over 50, FBC is considering online live worship or pre-recorded sermons...and setting up call / text chats for leadership to connect with all church members and attendees...and more other available options are being considered so that the FBC family can continue to function as the Bride of Christ. We, as the church, will respond with caution and Godly Wisdom. The last thing any of us want is to allow a virus to damage our spiritual growth or distance us from God. This is an important time for all of us to walk closely with the Lord. Don’t let panic keep you from praying...don't let worry keep you from reading The Word of God...don’t allow fear to keep you from loving your neighbor and reflecting the joy of the Lord.  Throughout history, Christianity has grown the most when times were the darkest.  As Christians, We have the opportunity over the next few weeks, “for such a time as this,” to build or deepen relationships for the sharing of the gospel message. Like Esther, just maybe, we were put where we are for a divine reason. I encourage the church to pray for FBC, cities, leaders, and medical community, and avoid worrying by trusting in God’s goodness. In Christ, Pastor Steve

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