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This Sunday, July 30: Adult & Teen Challenge to Give Testimonies and Help Lead Worship at FBC

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Come be part of a very special time of worship at FBC Wallingford on Sunday, July 30, 10am, as guests from Adult and Teen Challenge Ministries will be with us to share their powerful testimonies and help lead worship.

This will be a very special time of worship and praise as we hear about the life-changing and Christ-centered work in the lives of these young men. In addition, there will be a shared-lunch reception right after the worship service on July 30 - please help us welcome our guests and enjoy this time of fellowship together.

Teen Challenge was founded in 1961 by David Wilkerson, an Assemblies of God pastor who left a rural Pennsylvania church to work on the street among teenage gang members and socially marginalized people in New York City and who, perhaps, is best known for later authoring The Cross and the Switchblade and founding Times Square Church. Teen Challenge started its first residential program in December 1962, in a house in Brooklyn, New York

As Teen Challenge grew to meet the needs of many people, it began to reach out to young men who had lost their way, many of whom had become addicted, either to alcohol or drugs. These young men will give testimony to the grace of God at work in their lives.

All welcome for worship - please invite your friends, family, and neighbors!

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