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New Sermon Series

Over the years of our ministry, God has revealed to Sheila & me “The Importance and Blessings of Stewardship.” Beginning Sunday, March 14th, I will begin a (7) week series sharing truths concerning “Biblical Stewardship” that God has shown me through the reading & studying of His Word—the Holy Spirit—and gleaning insight from spiritual mentors and other pastors through the years.

I am convinced the enemy (Satan) would do anything to keep God’s people from discovering His (God) principles governing financial stewardship, giving, and blessings…why? Because the enemy knows it will transform a believer’s life for the better and impact the kingdom of God.

Be in prayer, as we (the FBC family), journey together in becoming better stewards for the Kingdom of God. Mark your calendars (March 14th) and come join your church family as we worship The Lord through His Word.

Pastor Steve

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