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From the Desk of Pastor Steve Knott

An interesting read as we begin this new year. See you on Sunday, 10am for worship!

What I Could Do, If I Wanted To! 

1.  If I wanted to, I could help make this church the most wide-awake and working church in the world.

2.  If I wanted to, I could visit members who are sick and possibly find other ways of helping them.

3.  If I wanted to, I could attend Sunday school regularly and encourage others to do the same.

4.  If I wanted to, I could show more devotion in worship services and receive much more good from them myself. 

5.  If I wanted to, I could profit much more from sermons by not resenting the truth when it reveals some of my weaknesses and sin.

6.  If I wanted to, I could use my efforts to help promote the greatest possible harmony in my church. 

7.  If I wanted to, I could tell others  about Jesus Christ and His Church and lead many of them to salvation - at least my actions could always speak for Christ. 

8.  If I wanted to, I could give back to the Lord each Lord's day as I have prospered thereby helping to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 Of course this all depends on what I want to do about it. I have the ability to be an honorable servant of God, but the question is, "What do I really want to do?"

-Western Messenger

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