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The #1 Reason People Come to FBC

First Baptist children

When those new among us are asked how they came to First Baptist, Wallingford, do you know what they say?

It's not direct mail. It's not Facebook. The #3 reason given: our website The #2 reason given: the street sign messages The #1 way people end up here among us as The First Baptist Church of Wallingford is because: someone invited them. Here's three reasons why you should invite someone to First Baptist: 1. They might make a friend. Some of my best friends in the world are at First Baptist. Friendship is one of life's greatest treasures, and church is a great place to meet friends. How cool would it be if you invited someone to church and by your kindness, they made a lifelong friend. Know anyone who could use a friend? Invite them to church. 2. They might be encouraged. It's true that only a little more than 10% of an iceberg is visible above water; the rest is below the surface. People's struggles can be like that too. You never really know what people are going through. They may look happy on the outside, but they're often in need of hope and encouragement. A simple invitation to church might be a spark of hope for someone. Know anyone that could use encouragement? Invite them to church. 3. They might meet Jesus. In the book of Acts, you can read about a guy named Andrew who brought his brother to meet Jesus. Andrew's brother was Peter, who turned out to be a great Apostle (he's got huge churches named after him!). By far, the best reason to invite someone to church is they might meet Jesus. Eternity can be altered by a simple invitation. So what do you say? Who can you invite to First Baptist today or tomorrow? p.s. If you bring someone, please introduce to Pastor Doug or someone else who familiar with FBC. They would love to say hi.

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