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From Unceasing Thinking to Unceasing Prayer

If your mind is like mine, it never stops.  We analyze, reflect, daydream,... There's not a moment during the day or night when we're not thinking. You might say our thinking is "unceasing." 

If your mind is like mine, you sometimes wish you could stop thinking for a while. Our ability to think is our greatest gift, but it's also the source of our greatest pain. Thankfully, we do not have to become victims of our unceasing thoughts.

Our invitation is to convert our unceasing thoughts, into unceasing prayer.

2015 Annual Meeting - Celebrating Who We Are

Sunday, January 25

Following worship join us for a quick review of 2014 and business vote, plus family, food, fun and fellowship as we Celebrate Who We Are. We will be having a potluck luncheon in Fellowship Hall before we start the meeting. As a part of our celebration, we are asking that you please bring a dish to share representing your tradition or family heritage. Child care will be provided during the meeting portion of the annual meeting. All are welcome and encouraged to join us!

Baptist Babies Nursery News

This Sunday, January 25, 2015 all the discipleship teachers will have a staff meeting during the Hour of Power.  Nursery class will be led by several teens who know the children well from being caregivers in the nursery.  A few activities will be done with the children and then they will play.  Transition to the nursery worship hour will be the same.  Please remember when you drop your child off for Discipleship Class to sign them in, take a parent tag and tag their diaper bag if they have one or indicate on the sheet if they are potty trained.

January 11: First meeting for the 2015 DR Mission Team

All interested in learning more about the 2015 Dominincan Republic Mission Team trips are strongly encouraged and invited to the first planning meeting - Sunday, January 11, 2 pm, at First Baptist Church in Wallingford, CT. 

The mission trips this summer will be:

Week 1:  Friday, June 26 - Sunday, July 5 (total costs $1,380)

Week 2:  Friday, July 3 - Saturday, July 11 (total costs $1,380)

Both Weeks:  Friday, June 26 - Saturday, July 11 (total costs $2,100)

DRMT Lite: Thursday, July 2 - Tuesday, July 7 (total costs $1,300)

Complete the online application for any of these trips.


Words of Thanks from Ginny Henderson - Music Director

How blessed I feel by the participation of so many people in the Music Ministry of this church as we prepared for Christ's coming all through Advent and then celebrated His birth on Christmas Eve and the 3 Sundays after. All our music groups rehearsed and presented beautiful music to the Glory of God:

The Accapella Women's Choir (which will also be blessing us this Sunday)
Under the direction of Lisa Fekete, this group has grown and provides lush harmonies in the treble range. Always a thrill to hear their inspired singing.

Brass group- I am so pleased with the addition of Jeremy Blain and

ReVamp of the DR Packing Plan - Collection Items for January/February

It is hard to believe that another month has passed, and the DR Mission Trip is having their first meeting this Sunday. Before we know it, the team will be leaving for their trip which is only about six (6) months away! Thank you so much for your donations so far!  Everyone has been so generous. January is Medication Month, and we will be collecting the following Over The Counter Medications: Children or Women's Vitamins with Iron, Children or Adult Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Children or Adult Ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil), and TUMS. Please tablets only, no liquid or gummies.

ESPN - Employment Seekers Prayer Network

Join with me in praising God for His new coordinator of our ESPN ministry.  Rita Cristini has volunteered to 'give it a try'.  Rita will be leading us in praying for those who are seeking employment.  She will also help search for job openings, connect folks to help with their job searching, resume', cover letter, interviewing and follow-up.  Rita also has experience helping folks connect to available community services and this will surely by used by God also. Rita can be contacted by email if you would like to offer your services on the team, or if you are in need of prayer and finding your

CT Food Bank Update

I wanted to give everyone an update about First Baptist outreach in conjunction with the Wallingford Housing Authority and the CT Food Bank Mobile Pantry. We began this effort in November of 2013 in support of the Housing Authority sites for elderly and disabled. From November through May of this year it involved volunteering to assist the CT Food Bank with set-up, distribution and clean up at a single site on a monthly basis. In June of this year, this was expanded to include an additional 4 smaller sites. Since then we have been supporting all 5 sites.

In the last 12 months, I am pleased